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We are Extrazona, dedicated to logistics in international trade and business. We are an Argentinian company based in Buenos Aires, established to provide comprehensive logistics services for foreign trade, import and export, customs clearance, logistics coordination and international cargo.

Our Company Philosophy:
Solving problems and achieving the impossible.


We assist companies in enhancing the competitiveness of their products to increase their quality and profits. If it doesn’t exist, we create it; if it does, we find it and make it real.


The key to success in business lies in relationships – the ones we maintain with our suppliers and clients. We aim to be the strategic partner in international operations.


In this fast-paced, uncertain, yet opportunity-filled world, one of the key strategies for orderly growth is collaborative work, where knowledge, expertise, and experience converge. We are truly one big family.

We are your Asian personal shopper


We are a company dedicated to Foreign Trade Logistics, established to provide comprehensive services for any international trade operation: import, export, customs clearance, logistics coordination, and international cargo. And we love the work we do every day!

Our primary focus is the Chinese market, the world's leading industrial market, ensuring a reliable supply of raw materials or finished products to our clients. Over the years, we've consolidated two business units: customs services and brokering between Chinese manufacturers and local importers.

Maintaining complete transparency in all our activities is our commitment to our clients. 

Extrazona becomes your partner. Much more than a supplier, we are part of the team. We safeguard your interests and ensure safety throughout the entire work process, from door to door. We seek what you truly need and optimize your budget. We are familiar with every corner and opportunity offered by the current Asian market.
We have proven success stories, company growth alongside us, increased turnover, and improvements in product quality.


Extrazona Argentina

Extrazona S.A.
Av. R. Sáenz Peña 875, 3ro I 
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
+54 9 11 4822 - 5558

Extrazona España

Zonatec PBB S.L.
Av. Jaume III 8, 4º 3ª
(07012) Palma de Mallorca, España.
+34 627 654 313

Extrazona China

Extrazona / Britide Limited
1-1307, Baiyun Mansion, No.176
Tiancheng Road, Hangzhou 310004.
People's Republic of China.